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Oldskool Snowboard Pics

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Posted: Fri Aug 17, 2012 10:36 am Reply with quote
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I scanned the only pics of my old friend and I snowboarding back in the day. That's me up to doing a frontside 360. The location is at the SRU ski hill in Slippery Rock, PA, and was the badassest hill around. I had a method of making huge ramps by bringing snowshovels and a garbage can...we'd fill the can with snow from the edges of the hill and dump it in the middle where we wanted the ramp. You can make a ramp pretty fast this way, especially with more than one person working on it.

My board is a Sims Swallowtail with p-tex, velcro bindings, and metal skags. Bob's board I believe was also a Sims but a year or two older with no P-tex or skags, just wavey grooves molded in the board, swallowtail, and thick rubbber bands for bindings. I still have my deck, but Bob is kicking himself in the arse because he gave his to a bar he worked at in Killington, VT to hang on their wall. I to am kicking my self kind of because I gave my '84 Burton Air model to a kid long ago. It was a lead sled anyways, but I'd still like to have it for posterity.

Here's a pic of my old boards...

It's not the size of the deck, it's how you ride it. ...................I said "DECK"!
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