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My fourth screen-printed skateboard: Bug Eyes

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Posted: Tue Jun 05, 2018 11:51 am Reply with quote
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So now that I've got this recycled deck sub-project happening, I test print the graphics on rehabbed decks that later get donated. Then I print on new decks for the team and for sale. For this batch, I kept the graphic to one color, between the trucks and no bleed. I also spent some time experimenting with different wood dying techniques as I like colored veneer more than solid paint. I like to see the grain of the wood. Also having read too much I strayed from my initial ink/clearcoat formula which resulted in a few decks having graphics that scraped right off once they boys started shredding. No durability whatsoever. So that sucked but I fixed it and printed more.

These two were donated.

These looked nice but the graphic lasted all of about 10 minutes of shredding.

Back to the original formula, these took a pounding.

Team rider Rocky grabbing some air.

Durable ink. Thumbs up!

My setup. I've been riding this for a few months. I'm going to print one more batch of these and then move on to a new design.

I watched that Santa Cruz print shop video on YouTube and it made sense. My team are all young kids who skate A LOT and I can't really keep up with how many decks they go through if I'm printing them myself. So I've started designing much fancier multi-color decks for them that I get heat pressed from as they need them.

I want to focus on making bigger old-school decks as that's what I prefer to ride and get really good at printing 2-3 color decks by hand in small batches. These popsicles are cool if you're into all the street tricks and stuff but I'm an old skater of the 80s, not really into that and every time I put up a new printed deck I get people asking for bigger shapes so, I'm not alone apparently.

Follow me on IG @tenebrini and @squad19mpls

Decks for sale at:

Keep pushin'!

. . .
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