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Skateboard DVDs for sale

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Posted: Sun Jun 16, 2019 6:53 am Reply with quote
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I have about 25 DVDs and about 6 VHS from the 80s. I have everything from both Jason Jessee Pray for me, Hosoi, Gator, two Texas DVDS made up of clips and competitions from the Clown Ramp, Jeff Phillips skatepark and the skatepark of Houston from the 80s, lots of Zorlac and Jeff Phillips on there as well as other Pros. Also have Skateboard Madness and SKATEBOARD the movie from the 70s and documentaries on Danny Way and others. VHS is stuff like the Gotcha Grind and Future Primitive a Hosoi and a copy of CKY2K and some others, as well as Thrashing, RAD! And also Suburbia and the Social Distortion Another State of Mind. Anyhow, would love to get rid of all of them, but can do singles. I’m not on here much, but can be found on Facebook, just look for Mark Marcell in Dallas Texas or email I will check back on here, but not regularly, probably will be posted on Facebook somewhere, thanks!!!

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