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no bindings questions answered

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Posted: Tue Oct 22, 2013 10:18 am Reply with quote
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first this isn't anti snowboard. snowboarding is an amazing sport and snowskating is really just snowboarding without bindings. Turning sideways is where its at and snowskating and powdersurfing just add to what's available. usually if someone thinks it looks like fun then they will have a good time. But if you need to be convinced then its probably not going to do it for ya. Its easy to do, especially in the pow but its hard to get good. Big ollies take lots of work and only a few guys can really pull it off. its pretty much a garage industry with only lib putting out skates on a large scale. the rest are just guys like me building a handful of skates each year mainly so that me and my buddies can get what we want. we are all old! I repeat old, mid to late thirties to early fifties. this sport could very well die with us as there aren't a lot of kids getting into it. You can eat shit pretty hard on a skate and then there's the skate nailing you after you crash to be concerned with. so yea why then ditch the bindings? its just a lot easier to move around, whether hiking the backcountry or walking to the chair lift its refreshing to not have to bend over and do your bindings. I know most of you are very passionate about snowboarding and like I said I'm not trying to change anyones mind just want to keep you guys up to date on what's happening.

Couple sites to check out
Grassroots makes powsurfs and Jeremy is the real deal

Ralston makes little skates for the parks and the guys kill it, terje rides a ralston

chillerdecks is my stuff, we like to hike the backcountry and sled access. Inbounds pow riding but mostly we stay off the groomed and out of the park

here's a shot on the big 162. this is just out of bounds of our resort. little kicker for early grabs. buddy of mine

there are a few zones that have riders. snoqualmie, stevens, tahoe area around sierra and kirkland, crested butte and breck, northern idaho(that's us) and boise area.
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