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Public skatepark on Miami Beach: MEETING on July 22nd

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Posted: Sat Jul 12, 2008 12:15 pm Reply with quote
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Miami is the only city of it's size in the entire country without a real public skatepark that includes bowls/pools!! The nearest skatepark with a bowl is 100 miles west in Naples, 100 miles north in West Palm at the Oelsner YMCA (kinky bowls & $ to skate), or 100 miles south in Marathon (for a little wooden bowl)!!
How pathetic is that!!??

BUT CHECK IT OUT: On JULY 22nd there is a public meeting about plans to build a "skate plaza" at Collins Park on Miami Beach. EVERYONE interested in seeing a skatepark built in Miami Beach should attend - no matter what age.

Now, here's the deal: What is being proposed is a "skate plaza" - in other words, basically yet another flat, "street skating" area with some obstacles. THIS IS NOT WHAT WE NEED!!!

What is desperately needed is a *real* skatepark, that includes not only a street section, but at least ONE concrete bowl.

THere are a few small, cruddy public parks and a couple of "pay-to-skate" parks in Miami. But --
Palmetto Bay Park (free): NO BOWL
The Grove Skatepark ($): NO BOWL
M.I.A.($$): NO BOWL
Bayfront Park: NO BOWL
Even Brian Piccolo has NO BOWL.

A street area is fine... But it is just riDICulous that a city the size of Miami has not one single concrete bowl to skate. And if any area has the means ($) to do it, it's Miami Beach!

The meeting is at 6pm on July 22nd, at the Botanical Gardens. For more information: Ray Breslin 305-772-5665

BE THERE! Show your support for a real skatepark in Miami!
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Posted: Sat Jul 12, 2008 8:39 pm Reply with quote
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The street plaza concept is fine, but its not the whole enchilada. And by fine-tuning skateparks to a specific demographic (teenaged street skaters) the planners inadvertently risk the long-term viability of the facility. With more ingredients that reach out to a broader demographic (such as bowls/flow areas) you enhance the long term prospects of the facility.

Why you ask?

Because you'll rarely find adult skaters at a street-only layout. And adult skaters create a passive, self-policing mechanism that cannot be achieved with a bunch of 15 year olds.

In short, the "broad appeal" skateparks offer a better value for their host communities.

I'm assuming this will be a free, at-your-own-risk skatepark. If they have a gate fee and pad nannies ... well, that better be one hell of a street plaza. Because there's still plenty of "free" street opportunities everywhere you look. Which makes for another argument in favor of some bowls in the mix.

Good luck with the meeting. I wish I could be there.

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